Enemy approaching

Here it is!

One of the designs for the Mice Troops. The enemies from Project Ratvolution.

Be careful with his laser spear!

Be careful with his laser spear!

When we were designing all the characters, we tried to focus on specific key words that could describe their faction and personalities.

For example, with the enemy army we wanted them to have oriental influences merged with some futuristic technology, but not very advanced, it had to feel rusty and artisanal.With ths in mind, we started to look to references from the Meiji era in Japan. This is when they started to trade and commerce more openly with the west. It was also the start of the downfall of the samurai. 

We continued thinking about it and finally we asked ourselves: “what could have happened if instead of machineguns and railroads, they got lasers and rockets?”. And thus our particular view, style and world of Projects Ratvolution began to take shape.

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