Welcome G4R!

Here it is! The newest version of G4R, the second and most unique memeber of our group of three protagonists. Although we still have to finish the concept, this is the point where we think we finally got his persona right.

G4R the strong catbot

G4R presentation

He’s a robot that thinks he’s a cat. He’s also the strongest of the bunch and is able to lift and throw great rocks as well as breaking some walls. As you can see, he can also disassemble his head and use it as a small drone to spot enemies and use certain items and abilities that we’ll keep as a secret for now 😛
Also, if you want to check out the older versions of this character just read the rest of the post after the jump!

So this big guy was supposed to be bulky, strong, slow and kind of the pet of the group. When we first started we though that he could be as tall as the others.

Early G4R

Early G4R

After this we started discussing how quick he was going to be, how strong and what parts of him we wanted to highlight and we started sketching him again. We did a few quick drawings (not more than 3 minutes per drawing) to find things we liked. We were just trying to discover what he was going to be.

G4R pruebas 1

After we got this fast-looking version we realised that we were focusing too much in the head and the wheels and that, in order to make it look stronger we should focus on the chest and the arms. After this it was time to go back to the sketchbook and the pencil.

Trying new things. Changing volumes, geometry, posture, etc.

Trying new things. Changing volumes, geometry, posture, etc.

And finally we got to the updated design that shows how strong, slow and resourceful he can be.


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