Towards the alpha build!

After yesterday’s presentation we need to focus in delivering a great alpha build!

But before we start with that we want to show you how the game looks as for right now, that’s why we’ve uploaded an extended gameplay of the first level that we have. Have a look!

For more insight info in te ins and outs of the development and the use of several visual effects, read everything after the jump!

So, for this milestone we were asked to create diverse particle systems, visual effects and everything necessary to give the players some feedback in their actions.

But we wanted to get more done. First of all, take a look at the WIP G4R inside the game! although we just need to make a few adjustements to the Diffuse texture, we still need to apply the normal map to the game model.

g4r ingameThe other major improvement we had for this milestone was the new level. We came from a sandbox enviroment that felt too big so we changed that up by using these floating islands. This allows us to create unique situations in each one and also to control the size of each area.

Also with these strategy it’s much easier and visually appealing to create more vertical puzzles. The zip line and the elevator are just the beginning 😀
waterfallAnother thing you sure have noticed is the rest of the scenario. Thanks to the feedback we recieved in one of our project sessions in the master, we decided to make a more beliveable version of this planet dominated by the Mice Empire.  So we wanted the rest of the level to make it feel that way. With the waterfalls, the lake, the two big statues it’s starting to look like this is part of something bigger. And be certain that the next version is going to be even better 😛
sprint effectBut this milestone was all about the effects. And although we’re still trying to find a music that fits in this world we’re creating, we made big improvements in the particle effects and all the rest of the visual clues we give the player. The sprint, the waterfalls, the Mouse House models, etc.

gas bomb

The first one, the sprint, was particularly great to finally see in action. It was generated via scripting and the result couldn’t be more impressive! The other one are used via the particle system component in Unity. We created custom particles, animated and non-animated for the occasion. The clouds, dust, gas all share the same particle. In fact there are only 4 or 5 different ones in this demo.

lasersFinally we used the animators and animation controls in Unity to animate all the textures we wanted. Also, depending on the situation we used the particle shaders to give this electric feel to the traps.


In the end this is what we showed yesterday. A new level, a new playable character with a few new abilities and also the improvements in the particle and visual effects.

And this is only the beggining. There are lots of thing we need to fix, improve and iterate on but we’re confident we an complete everything we have checked and also add all the new features we have in mind for the alpha.

After that we’ll have all the summer and until october to polish, add more mechanics, new levels and redo the menu and GUI systems. But this is another story.

For now, we’ll update the blog kind of soon these days because there’s a TON of material from previous milestones we want you to see 😀

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