“This is it” Alpha version

Finally. It’s been almost 3 months since we started posting in our devblog!

We’ve worked really hard and today we can finally share with all of you some images of the alpha! We’re working on getting the full build available for everyone interested in trying it out, as well as another gameplay video. But in the meantime, this will have to do. So check out the new look of the level!

IM 3

As you can see…There ahs been a lot of changes 😛 First of all, we’re no longer surrounded by waterfalls or great statues from the Mice Empire. They might come back for the final version, as we’re still changing and tweaking this level.  Also you can see there’s that HUGE laser in the center, all the crystals floating around and also the big whirlpoll at the bottom. To finally see all this in motion has been a great moment for all the members of our team. We realized how much we accomplished in this short period of time.

Needless to say, all this elements play a part in the story and are a few of the ways we’re planning to make the players feel like they’re inside a new world.

IM 1

Secondly you can see that now it’s starting to resemble much more to a cartoon. This is really important for us, since we’re aiming for that particular aesthetic. Still, there are lots to do in terms of lightning and ambient occlusion.

IM 2

There’s much more to explain about the newest build but it’s way better if you can try it out for youserlves. We have to point out the amazing work our programmers have done with the optimization of the AI, the implementation of the ranged enemies, the new custom shaders and, of course, the new abilites for Sasha, G4R and Vykos.

We hope to be able to sahre the build with all of you very, very soon so stay tuned 😀

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