Enter the new Sasha!

Hello everyone! These days we’ve been improving the stability of the game and optimizing the assets. And the one that has changed the most is Sasha’s Character model!

new sasha

As you can see, now she has a more femenine figure and the head seems more like a cat one. The uniform has also changed in order to fit better the horizontal motifs we find in the rest of the characters.  Another change is that, since she wont be using any gun in october’s build, we’ve ditched the object and decided to give more emphasis on the mechanical parts on her legs.

Also, this is how she looks inside the modelling program, so the lightning we’ll be more like the following image.

new sasha in engine

This way we can use alpha cutoff and also self iluminance, although this feature is not implemented yet.

Cat Squad

Finally you can take a look at how the three protagonist look together! Maybe we’ll do some changes to Vyko’s texture but this is pretty close to the final design.

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