Introducing the -almost- final GUI

And here we are! After a few days of work we almost have the final version fo the new GUI System. Here, take a look!

GUI prova casi casi 4

There are lots of things to explain here and also early UI designs to revisit, so let’s get started!

First of all, the biggest change we made was to streamline the abilities and objects ecach character could use. As you can see now, you can only use 3 abilities for each character (except for G4R that has a special mechanic, no pun intended 😛 ).

That does not mean we got rid of the rest! We’ve kept most of them only in other forms. For example, there’s no trap object. Instead there are lots of different traps around the level. The flames near the bridge are an example of this, but we’re still working on it.

Also, we decided to transform more abilitiens into contextual actions. For example there will be no slot for G4R’s rock throw. Instead, you can now click on a rock to lift it and throw it. Similarly to what happens when you want to interact with a barrel to hide with Sasha.

This redesing has made it possible for us to focus on the key abilities for each character. Furthermore, it will be easier to introduce to the player this way and they won’t get that confused with all the abilities showing up at the same time.

Another important step for us was the camera control. Although we’re still working on it, we plan to delete the old tilt controls in order to use just the righ mouse click plus dragging the mouse in any direction.

Some buttons we’ve deleted are the map, the compass and we also changed the use of the options menu. Now transformed into a pause button displaying a fully functional pause menu. Thanks to this we cleared up some screenspace that we’re now using for the text boxes.

The last important part of the new GUI is the improved character window. Now with portraits of each character, as well as their character color appearing when they’re selected. This way they ‘re easily identifiable with the image, color and name appearing everywhere in the game this way. Also in the central GUI and the Text boxes.
Also, now the health, the enery bars and the alert signal are way easier to recognize.

Just to show how the game has changed in this months we’ll show a few screens of how it all began 🙂

gui inicio

This is the very first version! My, my, what a difference!

gui inicio 2In the second one we were exploring how to bring more verticallity to the game with the zip lines. We were also using the temporal UI.

gui gameplay

In the gameplay milestone we were adding more abilities and using some random images in the slots.

GUI prova casi casi 3

To conclude, in this last version we’re still trying out new colors but it seems the aesthetic and the location is almost final.
So, what do you think of it? Do you like the changes? Please tell us 🙂

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