Refining the Boss!

Boss 1

Alright! After a full week without updates we return to tell you that the boss is almost closed! We’ve finished the texturing on both models and the riggind and skinning on the robot (get ready Sneaky, you’re next :P).

And this is how they look as of now!

Boss 2

So this is how the Robot looks in Maya. As you can see, the controllers are really simple but there was a lot of though before we finally did this. Even during the concept art we were already thinking of how its arms should move and how the articulations should work.

Also, check how big it is!

Boss 3

But maybe the biggest change you may have noticed is: Colours, Textures, Shading! Yup, we’ve put a lot of effort these days to give each character a colour. It all began with the GUI Design and now we’ve accomplished our objective. The boss will be the RED. You can see the colour palete is kind of on the warm side with red and browns to define the woodwork. Gold for the details and ornaments and the two contrasting blues for the metallic elements of the machine.

Boss 4

It works the same way for Sneaky itself. Although we change the brown of the woodwork for the brownish colour of the skin.

Boss 5

Also we used some shader magic to deal with the whiskers. They are just two planes with a texture projected but using the sahders and the alpha we’re able to eliminate the white area and make it seem like these are just normal whiskers.

Boss 6

Finally, maybe you’ve already noticed it but we’re using two different shaders for these models. One is for the armor sets and the other for the rest of the body. This way we are able to treat the lightning differently in the metallic bits of our models.

Take a look at it with these in engine views!

Boss 7

Boss 8

Boss 9

Last but not least, here you have two short videos of how this boss will look when its fully animated. There is a skinning error check in here so, enjoy 😀

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