Poorly drawn lines

Hi there everyone!

Today’s update is a bit different. This one is all about quick sketches and design ideas for new versions of old props or totally new parts of the scenario.

So everything you’re about to see are a bunch of images with lots of annotations concerning colout, animation, types of shader or the general functioning of the element. So everything that comes to mind when designing the objects 😛


This is the quick sketch for one of the most simple new props for the game. Since we got rid of the trap object, the traps trnsformed into level hazards. This made much more sense to us and added more depth to the abilities of the players.


Here there are two objects. The newer version of the carpet bomb, that now resembles more an objective for a laser weapon. And the explosive crystal, a new kind of level hazard.


This is part the desing of the Robot’s backpack and the new symbols in the enemy hats.


Here’s the sketch for the final model of the carpet bomb and also the new lanterns and interactive orbs. This will open dors and other kinds of objects that work with crystal energy.


And finally the new model for the building where the enemy troops will spawn. They’ll be teleported so they need a big antenna to receive the energy. Also another simple model for the elevetor.

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