Design and lightmaps

Si lightmap

Hi everyone!

We’re back! Not too many days after our last post we’ve made HUGE improvements and added quite a lot of new assets to the game. These consisting mostly in the new tutorial and the Boss Stage you can see up there. And another thing you can appreciate there is that we’re testing with lightmaps! About time 😛

There are many more images and info after the jump, so if you want to know more about the boss design and the process, click!

We have to say, at first we were doubting about using lightmaps. Since the aesthetic of our game is clearly cartoonish, the look of the assets and the characters was more determined by the texturework and the shading.

But it was true that without any kind of shadows the enviroments felt flat and too contrasted. With this in mind, adding lightmaps was a great improvement. We’re still tweaking and testing Ambient Occlusion, but it seems it will help a lot too.

No lightmap
Another that we’ve been working on, for quite some time now, is the design of the boss stage, the mechanics and also the new tutorial. Today though, we’ll focus just on the boss.

The biggest design problem we had to face was that we had a player that had to face a giant enemy, by using three game characters.
Thats a lot to process and a lot to teach. Fortunately, the tutorial and the level cover the later part. But there was still the problem about how to imagine, desing and make a combat between a giant and a squad of three space cats.

boss stage design 2

After a lot of conversations with teachers, friends and, obviously, the team we headed for a Arena kind of Battle against a boss with three meaningful states. These were inspired by the battle system of Xenoblade for the Wii.
In our game, the boss will a terrible foe to beat, so you will have to use all three members of the team.

The first step is to trick him into a trap, after that he’ll enter the dizzy when his defenses are down.   That’s the perfect time to make him fall to the ground and let his weakspots exposed and accessible.

mareado caido

At first we wanted to take the control from the player and swap the characters for him or her in each stage of the boss. But in the end we decided that it made more sense to our vision of the game and also the fun you get when fighting the boss, that this would be always a player decision.

maya prueba rapida

With this in mind we started prototyping, designing the arena and also testing all the problems that might be in our way.

We are almost done with that part of the game, only a few animations are left, so we’ll be updating the blog a lot in this final stretch of the development process of the game !

See you soon 😀

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