Presentation Update

1 Portada

Hi everyone!

We are doing the last touches in the visual presentation of the project. Because of this we’ve prepared a few images for you to see how the game is looking in the different levels.
Since some are finished and some need still need a lot of work it’s nice to see the contrast!

Take a look after the jump.

First of all som alternative designs for the cover! Which one do you like the most?

2 Portada alt 1

3 Portada alt 2

Now, these are the images for the Final Boss Level, this is the ALMOST final quality of the game. There are still things we need to figure out with the clouds, the fog and the skybox.


8 BOSS 2

9 BOSS 3

And here there is the actual state of the level. There’s some level dressing done and the lights are not active. This is going to be a long process but it will look gorgeous when finished!





And finally we have the tutorial. The level dressing for this one hasn’t even started but it wont be as difficult as the main level. The lightmaps on the other hand, are going to be problematic for the tutorial, and for the main level.
Since there are so many things in both of them (lights included) this could last for hours. But we still have time and we’re doing more work simultaneously than ever.

Let’s hope we can accomplish what we have in mind for the presentation!


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