New Logo!

Logos 4

Finally, almost two weeks away from the public showing, we have our new logo! This was being worked on intermittently during all the development process.
This, of course, wasn’t the only test we did.

So after the jump you can take a look at some of the drafts we did and how we were trying to define graphically the title of the group.

Logos 1

This one were fun to design. Using references from shampoo brands, those silhouettes that mess with your head and a really simple but effective font use.

We tried many, many things with this one. But the most important factor was how to reflect the “Cammo” part of our title. In the final logo, specially when you see it in motion, we feel this is well expressed.

Also, since the game had many Asian influences, this translated into the studio logo with the use of Kanji characters (the one for “Cat”) and the ink brushes (that have also appeared previously).

Logos 2

This one was one of my favourites – Joan talking! – But had a lot of problems in terms of size and the coherence between the font, the kanji and the drawing.

In the early versions, we wanted to go as simple as posible, but this ended up limiting us a lot in terms of silhouette, font and symbols. In the end, we used the always good contrast between black and white without a defined shape behind and a more vertical font.

Logos 3

To sum up, we hope you like the several models we tried and we’re really excited to share with everyone the intro and gameplay trailer, as well as the game!, as soon as possible. See you soon 😀

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