The Final presentation


Hello everyone!

2 days after the public presentation we’ve come to bring you the videos we presented!

There’s not much more to say. Just a few more posts to consider this endeavour closed.
Also, we’ll be posting the download link for everyone interested in playing the game as soon as we can.

Before the videos I want to thank the musicians Butterfly_TeaAntti_Martikainen, Gregoire_Lourme and IShaamin for letting everyone use their music under the Creative Commons license for this student project (check out their work! They’re amazing!).

After the jump you can check the making of montage as well as the gameplay with and without commenatry.

The ones that have been following our work here will find a lot of stuff they’ve already seen. But not the gameplay 😛

And here’s the commented gameplay with a few insights on why the level and the abilities are that way.

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