Ratvolution Post-Mortem

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Hello sir, do you have time to read about our game’s post-mortem?

Hello everyone. This is going to be a very different post. Maybe because there’s a chance it’s the last one. 

To start, i’ll introduce myself. My name is Joan and I’ve been the lead artist and level designer for Ratvolution. I’ve also been the one that has been writting in this devblog and updating with every bit of information we could share.

Since the development of the project is done and Ratvolution is closed I wanted to share with everyone some more insights in the development process that we’ve kept secret until now. So, if you’re curious, read on 🙂

First, I wanted to share with you some personal info. The cats that you are seeing are the ones I have at home. And also the ones I used as reference when I was trying to figure out how to draw the legs for our main characters.

Hi there my friend. Wanna draw me?

Hi there my friend. Wanna draw me?

Fun story: I had to grab them, stand them up and walk around the garden with them to see how they used their legs in that positions. They didn’t like it and they let me know that for sure.

They even got angry for a couple days! But after a few good meals, they totally forgot.

Also, when figuring out the propostions for the head they posed as the best models possible. The fact that all they do during the day is laying around, moving just to eat or to chase some birds helped a little bit though.

Second, I also want to tell everyone the unique situation this development has gone through. The truth is that I started in another group from the Master. But due to some differences I decided it was time to leave. Since this group lacked an artist I joined them.
This was during the end of Febraury and the first days of March. So what was a full year to develop a game, became almost 7 months of development for me.

Hey you, look at the camera!

Hey you, look at the camera!

For the group it meant that all the super solid programming base was going to get a little bit of modeling and texturing love. We got the actual studio name after that and we also began the devblog. For the development of the game, this meant that the art part would be developed all at the same time. Concept, models, textures, animations. Everything simultaneously in order the hand in the materials for the different class milestones. This was done mostly by Ricart and myself.

If this wasn’t enough of a challenge, we had less time to create a coherent and cohesive world in it’s own right for the game (Febraury- march compared to october-november). For almost everything there was, was a solid prototype with borrowed assets.

So we had to do everything faster, at the same time, iterating more and almost from scratch. Because all those assets were re-worked and/or redesigne after a few days. For example, if you look at the early concepts, you can see that there’s not much in common with the final game.

Hi there, my name's Robin and 1 year old. Would you like to hear how I helped develop Ratvolution?

Hi there, my name’s Robin and I’m 1 year old. Would you like to hear how I helped develop Ratvolution?

Also, during the development, the team had some problems. Like there is in any kind of group work.
Sometimes we start with the wrong foot or we simply can’t accept certain oppinions or positions in how to develop the game or to work together.
The important part here is just to keep working. Focus again, try to understand each other and continue our way. Even if it’s difficult it’s the only way we found out of that situation.

During those days, for me it felt like running a marathon with a proximity  bomb strapped to my chest. More so considering I left the other team and I knew how this could end up.

Anyway, this was an excellent moment to learn how to deal with other team members and also great experiences to add to a still young game development life.

In the end, that’s all that matters. What you learn from the master, from your partners and most importantly, from everyone you’ve met in this year dedicated to game development. We hope you enjoyed this journey with us as mush as we’ve enjoyed it.

We hope we can see you sooner than later in some gamedev related event.

Take care and good game.

Thanks everyone! See you soon Space Cats!

Thanks everyone! See you soon Space Cats!

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