Ratvolution Post-Mortem

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Hello sir, do you have time to read about our game’s post-mortem?

Hello everyone. This is going to be a very different post. Maybe because there’s a chance it’s the last one. 

To start, i’ll introduce myself. My name is Joan and I’ve been the lead artist and level designer for Ratvolution. I’ve also been the one that has been writting in this devblog and updating with every bit of information we could share.

Since the development of the project is done and Ratvolution is closed I wanted to share with everyone some more insights in the development process that we’ve kept secret until now. So, if you’re curious, read on 🙂

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Ratvolution is available!

Here it is!

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Download link for Ratvolution (Win)

After all theses months of work we can share the game out in the wild. There’s not that much more to say.

We just hope you download it, play it, enjoy it and tell us what you think of it. 

Also, the post-mortem will be the last planned post for the devblog and will be coming in a few days.

Note: You’ll need win Rar or win zip to decompress the package, then you’ll be ready to play 🙂

The Final presentation


Hello everyone!

2 days after the public presentation we’ve come to bring you the videos we presented!

There’s not much more to say. Just a few more posts to consider this endeavour closed.
Also, we’ll be posting the download link for everyone interested in playing the game as soon as we can.

Before the videos I want to thank the musicians Butterfly_TeaAntti_Martikainen, Gregoire_Lourme and IShaamin for letting everyone use their music under the Creative Commons license for this student project (check out their work! They’re amazing!).

After the jump you can check the making of montage as well as the gameplay with and without commenatry.
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Packaging surprise


Hello everyone!

Tomorrow’s the great day! The development has finished and we’re really proud of what we’ve accomplished. Although things have been rocky at times and there’s plenty of room for improvement in the game we’re happy that we could come this far.

So in order to prepare the packaging for tomorrow’s presentation, we’ve made this Super Nintendo game box for Ratvolution. We hope you like it!


Also, keep in mind that we will be posting a few more things after the presentation (the game, the trailer and hopefully a postmortem!), so keep coming 😀


Lvl 1, fully lightmapped!




This is one important step! Now that the Boss stage was looking good, it was time for the main level to live up to the promise 😀

Next up is the level dressing and the lightmapping for the tutorials. When we have less work and are less stressed we’ll discuss more things about this process since it has given us many problems. But we managed to find several solutions that may come in handy for some of you!

Presentation Update

1 Portada

Hi everyone!

We are doing the last touches in the visual presentation of the project. Because of this we’ve prepared a few images for you to see how the game is looking in the different levels.
Since some are finished and some need still need a lot of work it’s nice to see the contrast!

Take a look after the jump.

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